Get to Know Diana Day

DDayCampaign2017Passionate about social justice issues that impact the health and welfare of the most vulnerable, Diana has an Honours Degree in Psychology and leads the Program, “Indigenous Women Rise” for the Pacific Association of First Nations Women.  A long-time advocate for education and health care Diana worked as a Leader, in Aboriginal Health for 10 years with VCH and volunteered as a member of the District Parent Advisory Council of the VSB and Chair of Van Tech PAC for 3 years.  Her most important role is mothering her two young adult children Alexander and Angeline  who are both attending Langara College. Diana ran with COPE in 2014 as School Board Candidate and was the top vote getter with over 39,000 votes!  She is delighted to run with COPE in this by-election and hopes to secure a win with your support!

Diana is an education and social-justice advocate. She is passionate about social justice issues for all students in the VSB, and in particular advocates for culturally safe learning environments for vulnerable youth. Diana believes in creating environments free from bullying and that sharing and learning about Indigenous culture in schools, can help to combat negative stereotypes and promote anti-racism. She believes that the education system is poorly funded and demands education funding levels be restored to ensure all students are able to excel in their neighborhood schools, equipped with all the resources necessary to do so.

Her work experience includes work at the local, provincial and national level ranging from program delivery to program management. Diana has exceptional facilitation skills and has provided personal and professional development training to Aboriginal people in Canada and the U.S.  .

Diana has been on the VSB District Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement Committee and also represented DPAC on the Student Services Committee III. She is a passionate and strong advocate for adequate funding for Race Relations, Multicultural supports and culturally safe schools. Diana also advocates for children in care who attend VSB schools in the hopes that their education supports will be maintained and developed throughout the education system.

Diana feels strongly about as well as the need to create an Anti-poverty Plan for BC as it is the last province in Canada without a plan. As a single parent working full-time, an active community advocate and as an Indigenous woman, Diana knows first-hand the struggles students and families face on a daily basis while trying to survive in one of the world’s most expensive cities, Vancouver.

To learn how you can support Diana’s run for VSB and to ensure Indigenous Education is on the Agenda at VSB, connect with her!

Email Diana at

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